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SDxBrandimus's gameplay for NCAA Football 10 (X360)

SDxBrandimus played NCAA Football 10

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SDxBrandimus said...
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I'm in an online ACC Dynasty and just finished off a game as NC State vs. Pittsburgh and won 42 - 35. It was a very fun game as I was always ahead xD but there were definitely the breakdowns, such as my teams running game was horrible and definitely needed work ( Doesn't help my 1st string back was injured for the game but that is no excuse), but I got three of my TD's by running on the goal line so my O-Line was great in the Red Zone. The passing game was my winning style throwing 2 TD's and 1 INT. My defense was spectacular snagging three picks including one in the endzone returned 103 yards by my Senior safety who had two of the three picks and rest of the team had four sacks. Looking forward to my user game against Wake Forest!!! Go NC STATE!!!
NCAA Football 10

NCAA Football 10 (X360)

Release Date: 14/JUL/09
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